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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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You have to run here in Japan! Part 1.
Hakone is closest to Tokyo, it is a good quality touring course.

Hakone is about 100 kilometers west of Tokyo and is a familiar area in the metropolitan area.But it is rich in nature, you can enjoy hot springs, lakes and old townscapes.
Overall the altitude is high, the summer is cooler than the city and comfortable is also popular.I can understand that it is very popular also in Japanese pack tours.
You can also enjoy it on a pack tour of a travel agency. But there is no doubt that you are more fun to run motorcycle by yourself. Because the road is wonderful, and there are lots of sights.

Sengokubara Hakone

please look at this photo. This is the land called Sengokuhara. You can pass here by bus for pack tours. But if you are a motorcycle, you can stop at the roadside. Please suck clear air. Your feelings will be washed.
And Hakone is a mountainous area. The land called Hakone is a complex terrain created by volcanic activity. As a result, the road is curved, and a lot of fun corners are in place. There is nothing more fun than driving a motorcycle here by yourself.
There is something I want to tell you, the next to Hakone is the Izu area soon. Izu is also the best land for motorcycle trips like Hakone.
If you have plenty of schedule, you may also enjoy Izu and Hakone. We encourage you to reserve an accommodation if you can, if possible.

Hakone Turnpike

This is a toll road called Hakone Turnpike. The road width is wide, a series of loose curves and up and down are fun roads. Because the scenery is good and the roads are beautiful, car magazines are also testing new models.

Fujiyama and Lake

When you climb Hakone Turnpike, there is a Daikanyama resthouse there. This is a picture taken from there. Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji look beautiful.

Lake Ashinoko

This is a picture of Lake Ashinoko. You can see the shrine torii on the lake.

Hakone jinja

Torii belongs to this Hakone shrine. Hakone Shrine was built on the lake side of Lake Ashinoko long ago. It is a reputed shrine with a very inspirational experience.

Hakone Yumoto onsen

This picture is the streets of Hakone Yumoto. A lot of historical inns are open. Most of the inns have hot springs. There are many hot springs in Hakone area such as Yumoto, Ohiradai, Gora, Miyanoshita and so on.

Autumn Leaves

It is not famous but it is my favorite temple. It is a temple called Choanji Temple in Sengokuhara. This is a sight of autumn leaves.

Unique stone statues

There are many unique stone statues in Choanji Temple. It is a stone statue with a sense of life, called Gohyakurakan. It is a very pleasant experience to see stone statues of various facial expressions.

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