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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Here is "Tokyo" you do not know.
I went to Okutama, a rural village in Tokyo.


What kind of city is Tokyo you know? Is there an urban city with plenty of buildings? Or is there a busy downtown where there are many people?
Of course it is a typical Tokyo impression.However, another environment exists in Tokyo.
I went to Okutama village at the western end of Tokyo.

Okutama historical road

I used National Route 411 to go to Okutama village. As you proceed on this road, I am in contact with Yamanashi Prefecture.
Okutama village is the place close to the prefectural border before that.
The view point of Okutama is Okutama Lake. This lake is the source of the Tokyo metropolitan area and flows as a Tamagawa river.
If you are a motorcycle rider or a car driver, you will understand that this is a wonderful place. Yes, the lake's roundabout road is a very pleasant road. That alone is not the attraction of this area. Since there was an old road in this area, there is a history.
Besides the well-maintained national roads, historical roads remain.
In addition, there is a quiet life of mountain village where this place can not believe to be in Tokyo.
If you get bored with the bustle of Tokyo, please visit Okutama.

okutamako around road

This is the road around Okutama Lake. Riding is very pleasant as it is beautifully maintained.

Lake Okutama

This is Okutama Lake. It is a small but beautiful lake.

Okutama Valleys

There are many wonderful valleys near Okutama Lake.

Mysterious shrine

It is a small shrine along the old road. A gigantic rock rested, it is a mysterious facility.

Okutama village

It is a sight of a mountain village like a different era. But this is part of Tokyo.

Peach blossoms

This is "Oku Village" at the far end of Tokyo. Peach blossoms were in full bloom when I visited.

Cafe Tamariba

If you get tired of motorcycle riding, please take a break at Riders' Cafe. This is on the Yamanashi prefecture side of Route 411.It is a cafe named "TAMARIBA" popular among motorbike enthusiasts.

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