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Moka City - Largest Strawberry producer in Japan

Moka (真岡市: Mohka-shi a municipality) is in southeast of Tochigi Prefecture. One and half hour Shinkansen (Bullet Train) ride takes you to our municipality, which is rich in culture, history and its natural environment. It is well-known for its railways (Moka-Tetsudo), cotton (Moka-Momen) and strawberries. Especially for strawberries Moka is the largest producer in Japan.


Moka produces 7,000 tones p.a. of strawberries. Among those Tochi-Otome and Skyberry are premium brand strawberries that attract many visitors to Moka in their harvesting season to enjoy their freshly picked taste. When you come over to Moka why don’t you pick and taste our delicious strawberries in the Strawberry Heaven!

Igashira Kanko Strawberry Farm (Agri-kko) 

All-you-can-eat delicious strawberries!
Open: 9:00 - 16:00 Early Jan. - Mid May (Strawberry season!)
Address: Kamiodawa 3006, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone: +81 (0)285-81-1141

A Town with operational steam locomotives (SLs)

Moka offers plenty to see including operational steam locomotives run on Moka Railways tracks. Moka Railways operates SL shaped Moka Station.
The SLs are operating at weekends and public holidays during the year and on Fridays in summer school holiday. They run through the tracks of great photogenic scenery in all four seasons. You might want to snap one!

SL Kyuroku Kan - Be amazed by the power of running SL9600!

SL Kyuroku Kan at Moka Station has many real trains on display, including, of course, SL9600. You can take photos in train conductor’s uniform (A fee may apply).
Open: 10:00-18:00
Closed: Tuesdays
Address: Daimachi 2474-6, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone: +81(0)285-83-9600

Moka Momen (真岡木綿) - as smooth as silk

Moka Momen is a traditional cotton fabric woven in Moka. It is so smooth that you may take it for silk. Moka Momen reached its height in the late Edo period. The traditional methods of manual cotton growing, spinning, dyeing and weaving have been passed down to this day and performed based in Moka Momen Kaikan. Not only for traditional kimono and its accessories but also handy items for modern daily use are created there.

Moka Momen Kaikan (真岡木綿会館) 

You can watch cotton spinning and weaving processes and you can have a go at our workshop. (booking required)
Open: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Tuesdays
Admission: free (Fees apply to weaving and dyeing workshop)
Address: Aramachi 2096-1, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone: +81(0)285-83-2560

Okabe Memorial Hall   Kinreiso (金鈴荘)

A Dozo-zukuri (cob walled house) built by Okabe Gofuku Ten (Kimono Taylor) a major merchant in the Meiji period. The house (Kinreiso) has been a designated Tangible Cultural Heritage of Tochigi Prefecture.
Business hours: 10:00-16:00
Admission: Free
Closed: Tuesdays
Address: Aramachi 2096-1, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone: +81(0)285-83-2560

Kubo Memorial Tourism and Cultural Exchange Center (久保記念観光文化交流館)

An old residence of Sadajiro Kubo - an art critic well connected to Moka - was renovated into five facilities: Art Gallery (originally built in Taisho 12th), Tourism Development Center (built in Meiji 12th), Kubo Memorial Hall (Meiji 40th) - renovated historical buildings - and Tourism Local Products and Produce Centre, and an Italian restaurant.
Open: 09:00 - 18:00
Closed: Tuesdays
Address: Aramachi 1105-1, Moka, Tochigi Prefecture
Phone: +81(0)285-82-2012

10,000 Sakura trees (Japanese Cherry Blossom trees) covering the town

With more than 10,000 Sakura trees, Moka offers many well-known spots for cherry blossom admirers. You will be met by beautiful sceneries when you take a stroll in a warm spring breeze. We have Sakura festivals from late March to mid-April. Enjoy the cherry blossom and beautiful spring day.

Moka Summer Festival

Through Friday to Sunday towards the end of July every year!
It is an impressive festival with 27 Mikosi (mobile shrine) and 9 Dash (parade carts), some of which crossing a river and with 20,000 fireworks.

For further information on Moka please visit the link below.


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