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Most secluded hot spring in japan

It is a quiet hot spring resort located between Hakone and Atami facing the Sagami Bay at the southwest end of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Yugawara is one of the leading Hot Spring resorts in Japan and famous for being an onsen (hot spring) town. It is an area where you can enjoy great nature as well as fresh seafood, as it is surrounded by mountains and ocean.
Around Yugawara there are many famous sightseeing areas, such as Atami, Izu, Hakone,Odawara as well as Mt. Fuji.

View of Yugawara town

While Atami and Hakone bristle with large onsen Inns and hotels, Yugawara’s main accommodations are small scale, Japanese style inns, which retain the atmosphere of traditional onsen resorts.

View from Daikanzan

The prefectural road No. 75 that connects Yugawara to Hakone Taikanzan and Lake Ashinoko, the so-called Tsubaki line is a winding road popular for riders.
Taikanzan is at the boundary between Yugawara and Hakone, and the view of Fuji and Lake Ashinoko is outstanding. Named after Yokoyama Taikan who was said to have drawn Mt. Fuji, it was named "Taikanzan."

Onsen for your foot
Footbath Facility "Doppo no Yu"

In the garden that imagined the Japanese archipelago, we prepared nine springs with various efficacies. Nine types of health recovery springs that soak their feet in hot springs and massage the soles of the feet with various stimuli.

Ume Party
Yugawara Ume Grove Ume Party

The red and white blossoms of about 4,000 ume (plum) trees come out gloriously, like a “carpet of ume,” and the whole park is enveloped in the faint fragrance of the blooms.
Flowering time  Early February - Early March

Fudo Waterfall
Fudo Waterfall

This waterfall is only 15 meters high, but its volume of water is large. Substitute Fudoson is placed on the left side of the waterfall, and Success-in-life Daikokuson on the right. There is also a teahouse near the waterfall.

Yugawara Ramen

There are many popular ramen stores in Yugawara. In a popular shop, you can also have a queue.

It is a mountain road with a lot of curves. You might want to skip it, but let's keep driving. A large motorcycle also runs quite well. You can see Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashinoko from Taikanzan. It is a wonderful view.

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