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Explore Your Interests in Local Delicacy and Traditional Culture /Kasama, Ibaraki

Kasama is located in the center of Ibaraki Prefecture, about 100km northeast of Tokyo. Kasama can be reached by car from Tokyo on either the Joban Expressway or the Tohoku Expressway via the Kitakanto Expressway. The city has a Pacific Coast climate, with high temperatures and high humidity in summer and a dry, sunny weather in winter.
Kasama, having long flourished as a major producer of pottery and granite, abounds in natural resources, enjoys a long history, and has deep cultural roots. Throughout the city there are a number of temples, shrines, and historical points of interest.

Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine
Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine
Kasama is centered around the well-known Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine. This shrine is one of the three largest Inari jinja shrines in Japan, and brings you good luck for agriculture, industry, business, fishing sericulture and other kind of work dealing with production.

Kasama Inarizuhi
Kasama  Inarizushi

When you visit Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine, you should eat Kasama Inarizushi. Inarizushi gets its name from foxes. Foxes are considered to be god’s messengers in Inari jinja shrines, and like deep-fried soybean curd. Kasama Inarisuzshi is filled with soba (buckwheat noodles), rice with walnuts or seasonal vegetables.

Kasama Chestnuts
Kasama Chestnuts

Chestnuts are also recommended food in Kasama. Kasama Chestnuts are popular due to their high quality, size, and glossy appearance. Visitor can enjoy tasty sweets of Kasama Chestnuts.

roasted chestnuts

We recommend Yakiguri (roasted chestnuts). Kasama chestnuts are very sweet. Enjoy original taste of them.


Kasama Azalea Festival
Kasama Azalea Festival

Kasama abounds in beautiful landscapes and floral sites. In spring, visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms and azaleas. In Kasama Azalea Park, Kasama Azalea Festival is held from mid-April to mid-May, during which over 8,500 azaleas are in full bloom. From top of the hill at the park you can look out over the entire city. In the sunny days, you can also enjoy beautiful sunset.

Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival
Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival

In autumn, Kasama Chrysanthemum Festival is held from mid-October to late-November. This festival has been celebrated for over 100years. About 10,000 pots of chrysanthemums and gorgeous Kiku-ningyo (life-sized dolls adorned with chrysanthemums) are exhibited.

View from Mt. Atago
Mt. Atago

 We also recommend taking a commemorative photo with your cars and motorcycles on Mt. Atago. In spring, Mt. Atago is famous for a cherry blossoms spot. Enjoy taking good ones!


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