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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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To the quiet Japanese Sea side town!
Leisurely going to Toyama bay in summer.

To the Japan Sea side of the Japanese archipelago, Toyama was a town far from Tokyo.
However, the expressway and the Shinkansen are now open, which is a very close distance.
Because it is covered with heavy snow during winter, it is difficult to go by motorcycle.
But from spring to autumn there is no problem at all.

Toyama Bay

The Japan Sea in winter is rough, but summer is calm. A unique weather phenomenon occurs in Toyama Bay of the Sea of Japan.
It's a mirage. We did not see because we were in the summer, but if you want to see it, we recommend beginning March to the beginning of June. The best thing is the early spring where the Tateyama mountain peak is beautiful beyond Toyama Bay.
In addition to weather phenomena and landscapes, Toyama Bay is attractive. Because of its own ocean current and depth, there are marine products only in this area. It is Buri, Shiroebi, HotaruIka and so on. Therefore the level of the sushi shop in this area is very high. It is no exception at fast-food inexpensive sushi shops. You should go to this area if you like seafood.
And it is a good idea to go to Noto Peninsula and Kanazawa starting from Toyama.

Toyama Iwase aria

This is the Iwase area where the old merchant house remains. It is an area that prospered through medieval ocean trading.

Toyama costal road

This is a coastal road. It is covered with snow in winter but comfortable from spring to autumn.

Himi Udon

This is called Himi Udon. It is Himi city's local cuisine. It is a little thin, different from Sanuki udon etc.

Toyama city

The center of Toyama city is crowded but it is a very peaceful scenery if you go to the suburbs a little.

Tonami plain

I am overlooking the Tonami plain spreading in Tonami City. The houses in the field are planting trees in the surroundings. This is called "YASHIKIRIN", it is a device to protect the house from windy winds in winter. This scenery is peculiar to this region.


It is "Osawa Sekibutu no Mori" in Toyama City. Look, these are real people, not Buddha.The owner of this facility is a successful businessman. This stone statue modeled people he met. Is it strange, is it true?

Traffic volume
Traffic volume is small except in the center of the town. But the speed is slow. You should also adjust the pace.
Road surface
Almost good. There is pain due to the tire chain in winter in part.

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