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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Experience only here! A sandy coastal road with outstanding ocean breezes.
Sightseeing road Chirihama Nagisa Driveway.

If you are a Japanese rider you definitely know this. In Japan, this is the only coastal road with a total length of about 8 km. The surface of the beach is surprisingly sand. Although it looks soft on the dirt road, there is no need to worry about running on a large road bike or SS. It is a marvelous coastal road.


The reason is that the sand grain is very small. Because the sand of Chirihama beach is very small compared with general sand beach, there is a property that it tightens tightly when sucking seawater.If it is a normal sandy beach it will be easily buried even by off-road bike, but the sand here is very similar to the paved road. Therefore, it is rare to take a handle or slip.
Of course, rapid acceleration and sudden deceleration are strictly prohibited. However, in order to riding while enjoying the scenery normally, it is possible for beginner riders to run with confidence. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Sea of Japan near the sea, it is a road that you can experience only here.
However, here is a sandy beach.There are also points to be noted with absolutely.First of all, do not enter other than the damp part. A hard sand beach road like asphalt contains seawater. The white and dry part is as soft as a normal sand beach. Be careful not to deviate greatly from the rut of the beach.

Beachi side road

Let's riding on the beach. You can feel the waves of the Sea of Japan all over the body. This is the closest road to the ocean.

beach and motorcycle

The trick to running steady is to run the wet part of the beach. Even if we approach the ocean so far, it's all right. However, care should be taken as the tire gradually sinks when stopped. Do not forget the car wash after running.


The azure Japan Sea is beautiful The trip of Noto Peninsula is exhilarating. Together with the Nagisa Driveway, the Touring which goes round the Noto Peninsula is a standard course. Please enjoy the exquisite collaboration between the sea and the sky.

Big rock

Mitsukushima is a standard tourist point as a symbol of Noto. Because the shape of the island resembles a warship, it is also called "warship island". It's about 28 meters in height, and it's impressive.


The famous "Hakumai Senmaida" of which the combination of the sea and the rice paddy is very beautiful can not be ignored in Noto Peninsula Touring. It is famous as the place where former Prime Minister Koizumi praised.

Cosmic capsule

In Hakui City with Nagisa Driveway, there is a museum that is doing official documents and research on the only UFO in Japan.It seems like a joke, but its content is extremely advanced.
It displays rare spaceships such as the American Mercury Cosmic Capsule (replica) and the Vostoku returnable space capsule (real).

Parts of UFO

Is it real? A model of UFO fragments! Also exhibits rare items such as. However, it is a museum that seriously considers events related to UFOs, including research on local old documents.

Traffic volume
Because of the popular tourist roads, there are a lot of traffic volume, such as a large sightseeing bus and a car. However, its refreshing feeling is very good. You must come absolutely once.
Road surface
It is completely unpaved, but it can be riding without worrying on the road model or SS. But be careful where the sand dries. Do not forget to prepare the board because the stand will sink when parking.

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