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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Riding here is the dream of Japanese riders.
Nihonkai Ororonline  (Wakkanai to Teshio section、Hokkaido)

Hokkaido is the northernmost country where everyone in Japan raves admires. The area of Hokkaido is large, long trips will make your luggage bigger.
Such riders are sure to visit "the Japan Sea Ororon Line".
This is a coast road that connects Otaru City on the Japan Sea side with Wakkanai City at the northernmost of Japan and its length is over 300 km. It is said that the road section of about 68 km, which is a highlight to the northernmost tip, is "the most famous road in Hokkaido".
The blue sky where Rishiri Fuji can be seen and the azure sea are spreading. It is an endless straight road that penetrates a gentle coastal hilly area. This is the viewing road that represents Hokkaido.

Sky and road

Riders traveling in Hokkaido have many repeaters. A traveler visiting more than 10 times is not uncommon at all. Hokkaido has plenty of spectacular scenery. Scale is big, too and we can not see everything very much with one or two visits.However, the scenery of this Ororon line is waiting for new excitement no matter how many times I visit.
The landscape of Ororon Line is the basic Hokkaido landscape of travelers. The travelers of the first visit are excited about the sight, but their emotions do not change at all even if they become repeaters. Every time I see Mt. Fuji and the straight road, I will say "I'm home!"

Sky and road and motorcycle

There are roads that start with summer grass and blue sky. Here are the long roads for the riders.

Windmill and motorcycle

It is Otonlui wind power plant which is one of the sights of Orolon line. Let's experience the wind noise of a huge blade under the propeller.

Rishiri Island and motorcycles

Rishiri Island · Rebun Island can be seen, but sometimes haze and fog will also occur. You may need luck too. But this has a sight to forget the passage of time.

Japanese Ferry Boat

We usually use luxury ferries to go to Hokkaido. Boarding a large passenger ship is also a pleasure to travel.

Hokkaido in winter

This is a sight in winter. In the summer, comfortable Ororon line also changes in winter. It is a very dangerous route blown by the storm like typhoon. But this is also the charm of Ororon line. Sometimes there are unusual riders who love Ororon in winter.

Cape Soya in winter

It is Sōya Cape where travelers are sure to visit. This is the northernmost tip of Japan, the end of the trip. Cape is waiting for a traveler regardless of the season in summer or winter. Would you like to see the northernmost tip of Japan, too?

Traffic volume
Summer is crowded with tourists, but there is no traffic jam and it is a comfortable road. However, the motorcycle has a lot of traffic. Let's be careful with inattentive driving as the scenery is good.
Road surface
It is a large road surface and a wonderful paved road. There are also inspections of speed violations so please be careful about speed.

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