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The northernmost national highway in Japan!
Long route representing Hokkaido, National Route 238.

Route 238, aka "Okhotsk Line".
It goes from Wakkanai city which is the northernmost town of Japan to the Abashiri city on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk via the northernmost tip of Soya Cape. The longer route in Hokkaido is this Sōya National Highway.This total distance is 319 km. Along the Sea of Okhotsk, connecting the small cities to the south, it is also the main road in the northern part of Hokkaido.
It passes through Soya Cape, so it is called the "northernmost national highway". And this is the sanctuary where riders in Japan gather.

Road in Hokkaido

Traffic volume is very large for major national roads, and large cars are always on the road, as well as sightseeing buses and cars. However, the road width is very wide, and there is no signal outside the city area.
The flow is very smooth, so you can cruise without feeling stress.
What we think is that the other side of the sea is Russia. The horizon of the blue beautiful Okhotsk Sea also makes you feel the edge of Japan.
The landscape is not a continuous tourist road, it is the route connecting the small fishing village as a whole. However, there is a visually pleasant stimulation between the bustling urban area and the suburbs following the wilderness.
Although it is a long section that exceeds 300 km, it will not get tired. It is also a mysterious route that seems to be shorter unexpectedly when riding.
The highlight is the continuous section of loose up and down of Sarufutsu village ~ Hamatonbetsu Town. Dynamic hill beyond and a long coastline that can be more distant from the peak is a truly spectacular view that feels Hokkaido.

Road in Hokkaido 2

Soya national highway traversing Sikoucho famous for crabs. The dark blue of the Sea of Okhotsk is the atmosphere as the northern sea. Along with the faint ocean scent, the national highway extends further south.

Hokkaido in winter

This is a picture in the winter season.
While looking at the Sea of Okhotsk, climb the hill country towards Sarufutsu village.
There are many riders as standard touring routes through the four seasons. However, wind and snow are strong in winter, so do not forget the polar equipment.

Straight road in Hokkaido

Recently, the most popular route among riders is this Sarufutsu village road Esanuka line. The straight road that blends with the sky is the real pleasure unique to Hokkaido. It is also a short cut route of Soya national highway. But in winter it will be closed to traffic.

Sunset over the Sea of Okhotsk

Lake Kucchialo along the national highway is a lake with a campground registered with the Ramsar Convention in 1989. It is known as the largest relay station in Japan, where 20,000 small Swan come every year.

Hokkaido's summer

Apart from Sōya national highway, the prefectural highway 889 number near the Sōya Hills is also interesting. The relaxed up / down of the hill and the continuous curve are pleasant. The scenery of the wind turbine which was built in the hilly area is also superb.

Sky and sea and motorcycle

Notori Cape which is a magnificent view of the scenic spot on the outskirts of Abashiri City. It deviates a few kilometers from the Sōya national highway, but you can enjoy the magnificent scenery with few tourists. It is one of the most recommended points on this route.

Traffic volume
It is the only route along the coast that connects Abashiri and Wakkanai. It is a sightseeing road and an important trade route. Traffic volume is large regardless of day and night, and there are also many large vehicles. However, there is no traffic jam and it is comfortable.
Road surface
The wide road unique to Hokkaido is very easy to run. On the whole the road condition is very good. However, because it becomes narrow in urban areas, let's be careful. During the winter this storm is heavily stormy, so be careful and run.

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