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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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A special route crossing Setouchi.
Tobishima Kaido / Kure City to Imabari City

There are three routes crossing Setouchi, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Bisan Seto Ohashi Bridge and Shimanami Kaido. Each has a giant bridge one of the best in the world, and because it is an exclusive road for a car, it is very fast to move.
However, there is another route that is never famous. That is Tobishima Kaido. It is a route connecting Kure City of Hiroshima Prefecture and Imabari City of Ehime prefecture.

view of the Seto Inland Sea

This is a comfortable seaside route connecting seven islands with a bridge. It is a top tour route in western Japan, while enjoying Setouchi. There is only one paid bridge, and its price is as low as 560 yen.
However, there are disadvantages. This bridge is not connected until Imabari.You must use a ferry at the end of the route. However, depending on the tour plan, it may be a shortcut from Shimanami Kaido, and the scenery is more wonderful.
The Mitarai district of Osakishimojima which has prospered as a port since the ancient times is a valuable area where the cityscape at that time is preserved and there are also many tourists on holidays.
From the several observation decks you can see the view of Setouchi. The sea with many islands is a wonderful landscape only seen here.

Bridges with islands

This route connects the main island with a total of 7 bridges from the island to the island. If you do not go to Imabari, you can enjoy the trip of the island only by motorbike. Please enjoy the spectacular scenery of Setouchi.

A quiet island

This road is fun to run slowly while watching the islands.

Old port town

Since it was a sailing ship in the past, the Mitarai district of Osakisimojima Island prospered as a "harbor of tides" waiting for a change in the tide. At the same time the appearance of those days is preserved, and it is also possible to run on streets while being narrow. Because there are also many tourists on holidays, we recommend walking and sightseeing.

Small ferry boat

The last island is Okamurajima with the root of the Tobishima Kaido. From here, you can connect to Imabari city in Ehime prefecture by ferry. It is a good idea to enjoy a short boat trip.

Sunset and the bridge

Only people on the ferry can watch the Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge that shines in the dusk.

Eel of the sea

This Anago is the recommended seafood dish you should eat absolutely in Tobishima Kaido.
Many eating and drinking establishments are cooking cheaply in the vicinity of Mitarai district so please try it.

Traffic volume
Traffic volume is small overall except in the Mitarai area of Osaki Shimoshima. However, since there are local working vehicles, please pay attention to traffic.
Road surface
It is almost a paved road. However, the part of the bridge is two wide lanes, but the way of the island occasionally has a narrow place.

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