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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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You will not know the country where this is!
The Tunoshima Ohashi of the Yamaguchi prefectural highway No. 276 Tunoshima Kanda line.

The Tunoshima Ohashi is a bridge built on the Japan Sea side of Shimonoseki City. The total length is 1,780 m, connecting Tunoshima and the mainland at about 1.5 km off the Amagase which is designated as the National Park.It is the second longest in Japan as a bridge of remote islands that can be passed for free.
In the past it was a scenic spot known only to locals, but the popularity rose suddenly by SNS and blogging. In the popularity ranking is always high, it is often used for CM shooting etc.Recently, many tourists of large sightseeing buses visited and became somewhat like sightseeing spots. Of course its popularity has a reason.

Tunosima big bridge

The reason is the color of the ocean here. The clear ocean of Aqua Green resembles the south country, not the sea of this area.Not a "miracle piece" photographed by a professional photographer, but most of the visitors can experience the beauty. Moreover, it is possible to watch the beautiful green ocean not only for sunny weather but also for cloudy conditions depending on conditions.This is a scene of a miracle brought by nearby ocean currents and terrain.
When exercising here riding motorcycle actually, its refreshing feeling is wonderful. From the bridge that gently ups and down, the horizon of Tunoshima and Aqua Green appears to spread. The height from the sea level is about 18 m and it makes me feel like I'm flying over the sea level.
Not only the bridge, but also the road around Tunoshima is also emotional with the old fishing village scenery continued. Besides, the color of the sea that will wash your mind does not change.

Long way

I am impressed with the color of the clear ocean like the country of the South! It is best when sunny, but it is the color of this sea if it is bright even in cloudy weather. If you take a picture, early morning is good. The afternoon becomes a backlight, so the picture becomes difficult.

Blue ocean

Not only is Tunoshima Ohashi a wonderful landscape. By sea in the island there are wonderful colors of seas everywhere.

Fish market

When a fishing boat arrives at the port, the market around the fishing port will be lively. Fresh fish harvested in the nearby sea can be purchased cheaply. It is a good idea to bring a cooler box.

Seaside road

There are few tourists around the Tunoshima Lighthouse Park and you can enjoy the scenery of the coast and sea breeze. In addition to the Tunoshima Ohashi, please enjoy exploring this island fully.

Old Lighthouse

The Tsunoshima Lighthouse built in the Meiji era is granite made. Moreover, it is one of two unpainted lighthouses in Japan. It is a preserved lighthouse designated as A rank which is considered to have high historical value. "Lighthouse 50 in Japan" has also been selected.


There are many seafood restaurants in the island, and the cuisine I recommend is Kottoi squid. "Kottoi squid" has a strong sweetness and is impressed with the characteristic texture. Please put a lot on the bowl and eat.

Traffic volume
There are also many cars and sightseeing buses. However, traffic congestion etc does not happen and pass through very smoothly. It's easy to take great scenery if you are careful about the front and back.
Road surface
It is a wonderful road which is wide and has no complaints. The structure of the bridge that gently ups and down is also very dynamic and fun. However, please be careful as parking stops are prohibited for all lines.

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