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We actually went here on a motorcycle.

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Sense of coming to a mysterious world! As far as you can see the sheep of rocks!
Yamaguchi prefecture's prefectural road No. 242, Akiyoshidai Park line.

Limestones resembling sheep herds are exposed in a loose hill prairie. This is Akiyoshidai of the Karst plateau which boasts the largest scale in Japan.
The road traversing this prairie is the Yamaguchi prefecture's prefectural highway No. 242, Akiyoshidai Park line. It is also a sightseeing road of about 13 km in length called "Karst Road".
It used to be a toll road in the past but now it is free to pass. The peculiar scenery is famous as an exhilarating road with a feeling of liberation that can not be thought of as a mountain path.


As Yamaguchi Prefecture's representative tourism resources are being advertised a lot, many holiday visitors come from all over the country. It is a very popular sightseeing spot.But popularity has a reason. Although there are problems such as traffic jams, you should look at this superb view in Japan. Although sightseeing buses are occasionally busy, on weekdays the traffic volume is surprisingly small. It is also a highly satisfactory route with plus exhilaration if you have the opportunity.
In this large plain there is a special way to watch. It is to park the motorcycle in the parking lot in the middle of Karst Road and take a walk about an hour on foot.
The photograph of this website was taken with permission, and in fact it is forbidden to enter the motorcycle. However, if you walk to the other side of the ridgeline seen from Karst Road, there is amazing view.

Akiyosidai Karst

It is a view that has nothing to do with sightseeing buses and crowds. Karst Road is running ahead. This picture is the back side of Akiyoshidai. It is a spectacular scenery that is not known but can be monopolized.

Karst and motorcycle

Width is a very narrow road. A secret back road that only has traces of local residents stepping on. Regarding traveling we need permission, so regrettable that it is not usually a place where you can run on a motorbike. But you can come by walk.

Karst feald

The end of that hill is Karst Road. The scenery from the back has a sense of freedom feeling. In order to see this scenery, it takes about 60 minutes to make a roundtrip from the parking lot on foot.

Ride on durt road

Because the adventure style motorcycle is in a position similar to an off-road car, it is easy to balance even when full of luggage. Dart is a fun bike.


Akiyosido is one of the domestic caves and is also a tourist destination.

Unique rock

Limestone like demonic chandelier. There are a lot of this unique sight in the cave. It is also designated as a national natural treasure, and there are also worth seeing.

Mysterious scenery

This is the most famous landscape in Akiyoshi-dong. You will be overwhelmed by the size of the real scale.

Clear water

It is not famous around Karst Road, but it introduces a wonderful place.
There is a spring where a large amount of blue water called Beppu Benten Pond springs out.
This is not a crafted picture but a color that I have seen. It is a dolyne pond that blows 168 liters of spring water per second.

Traffic volume
Famous sightseeing spots, such as large sightseeing buses and cars, traffic volume is very high. Traffic jams often occur on holidays. However, the scenery is outstanding! You should definitely go once.
Overall the road width is wide, there are somewhat rough parts, but the road surface is very good. However, road side parking is extremely dangerous, as the road side band is narrow. Let's take advantage of a rest area on the way of a large parking lot.

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