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Kure City Hiroshima Prefecture, which prospered as the city of the Imperial Navy of the Japanese Navy
Shipbuilding and the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) City / Kure City, Hiroshima

Kure City is located in the southwest part of Hiroshima Prefecture on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea.
From Hiroshima city you can visit in about 45 minutes by car, and from the coastal touring course you can enjoy a great view of the sea and the islands.
The population is approximately 230,000 peoples, the city area is the city of shipbuilding, steel and maritime SDF JMSDF.
Citrus cultivation and oyster cultivation are popular in the island club, and the production volume of oysters is Japan's highest.
The city of Kure city changes greatly since the establishment of Imperial Navy Kure Regional Headquarters (base of the Japanese Navy) in 1889.
Prior to that it was a town of agriculture and fishery, but due to the establishment of the Chinjyufu (base of the Japanese Navy) everything, such as transportation, water supply, electricity, medical care, art, food, etc., has developed rapidly.
In addition, the Kure naval arsenal (shipbuilding factory and ironworks factory) etc. of the Japanese Navy was set up and people working there gathered from all over the country and the population increased sharply.
Just before the end of World War II (1918) the population was about 400,000 peoples.
Kure city area is surrounded by mountains on three sides and there is a narrow residential area between the mountain and the sea. In order to respond to the rapid population increase, the housing spreads over a steep sloping mountain, and you can still see it now.
After the end of the war, we are prospering as a city of shipyards and steel plants making tankers and others by making full use of shipbuilding and ironmaking techniques cultivated by the Japanese Navy (Imperial Navy).
Also, the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure Base (JMSDF Kure Base) has been established and you can see a lot of SDF staff in the city.

Yamato Museum
Yamato Museum (Kure Maritime Museum)

During wartime, the battleship "Yamato" (total length 263 m), which was touted as the world's largest, was built in 1941 at the naval arsenal Kure naval arsenal in Kure City (Navy shipbuilding factory).
In addition, many ships such as battleship "Nagato", aircraft carrier "Akagi", submarine "I 400", etc. were built in Kure.
The battle ship "Yamato" (26.3 m) reproduced on the scale of one tenth is now being exhibited at the Yamato Museum.
The Yamato Museum is a museum that introduces the history since the establishment of the Chinjyufu (base of the Japanese Navy) in Kure City.

Zero fighter
Type62 Zero fighter

It shows the importance of terrible war and peace by exhibiting numerous historical materials such as zero type fighter aircraft, special submersibles and survey images of the sunken battleship "Yamato".


Self Defense Force Kure Museum
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Kure Museum

Also opposite the Yamato Museum is the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure History Museum "Tetsu no Kujirakan" Submarine Museum. The only one in Japan "Tetsu no Kujirakan" is displaying a real submarine (76.2 m) retired. Here, we can actually visit the ship and we introduce the history of the Maritime Self-Defense Forces and the submarines and coastal minesweeping activities of the marine and minesweeping boats.


Alley Karasukojima
Alley Karasukojima

There is a park named Alley Karasukojima near the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure base, so you can see submarines and escort ships anchorage at the base nearby. The scenery is more than your imagination.

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Kure Curry
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Kure Curry

In the Maritime Self - Defense Force, curry rice is eaten every Friday 's lunch.
There are various reasons for it, but it is thought that the SDF personnel do not forget the feeling of the week in a long voyage. The curry is handmade by the chef of each warship etc with its own recipe.
In a restaurant in Kure City, we have a recipe of curry recipes of naval vessels belonging to the Maritime Self-Defense Force Kure base and are offered at the shop. Currently it is possible to enjoy curry rice with different recipes for each store at 29 stores in the city.


Irifuneyama Memorial Museum
Irifuneyama Memorial Museum
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Headquarters Kure District Building No.1
Japan Maritime Self Defense Force Headquarters Kure District Building No.1

Other than that, why not try visiting Kure City where facilities and places related to the Navy are still present?




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