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The scenery of Ukiyoe is still remained.
Accommodation and Ukiyoe / Yui Shizuoka prefecture

Suruga Bay and Mt. Fuji

Do you know Ukiyoe? Ukiyoe is a classic painting popular in Japan about 300 years ago. The unique style of Ukiyoe has influenced European painters such as Van Gogh.
We went to a place where the scenery drawn on the old Ukiyo-e remains.

You will not know the country where this is!
The Tunoshima Ohashi of the Yamaguchi prefectural highway No. 276 Tunoshima Kanda line.

Tunoshima Ohashi bridge

The Tunoshima Ohashi is a bridge built on the Japan Sea side of Shimonoseki City. The total length is 1,780 m, connecting Tunoshima and the mainland at about 1.5 km off the Amagase which is designated as the National Park.It is the second longest in Japan as a bridge of remote islands that can be passed for free.
In the past it was a scenic spot known only to locals, but the popularity rose suddenly by SNS and blogging. In the popularity ranking is always high, it is often used for CM shooting etc.Recently, many tourists of large sightseeing buses visited and became somewhat like sightseeing spots. Of course its popularity has a reason.

To the quiet Japanese Sea side town!
Leisurely going to Toyama bay in summer.

Himi Udon

To the Japan Sea side of the Japanese archipelago, Toyama was a town far from Tokyo.
However, the expressway and the Shinkansen are now open, which is a very close distance.
Because it is covered with heavy snow during winter, it is difficult to go by motorcycle.
But from spring to autumn there is no problem at all.

"Nanshin area" which is near from Nagoya.
I enjoyed the rustic mountain road.

Magome is a historic site of an old Japanese road.

"Nanshin area" means "South area of Shinshuu".
Needless to say, Shinshu is one of Japan's leading motorcycle touring areas.
However, "Nanshin" is not good from Kanto and Kansai.
As a result, this area is not very popular in reality.
So I went to explore in this area to convey information on this area.

It is a memorable highland highway of your life.
Shikoku Karst Park Line.

Riding on Shikoku Karst Park Line

The Shikoku region of Japan is one of the best mountain countries. The view is characterized by an endlessly mountainous landscape. However, the only exception is this Shikoku Karst.
Under the wide open view there is a field of limestone stone towers. I can not think that this is the summit of the Great Mountain Range, the grassland spreads all over the mountain.
The altitude here is about 1400 meters. One trail crossing a cool paradise even in summer is this Shikoku Karst Park Line.

It is a heavenly road with an altitude of 1800 m.
Venus Line of Nagano Prefecture.

This picture is Kurumayama plateaus.

That name is also a Venus line.This is the road for some of the most famous motorcycles in Japan.
From the plateau to the mountainous area, it is a feature of the landscape route with many changes. Since the scene changes variously, I did not get tired of even a long distance of about 76 km in total length.
This road crosses Shinshu in the north and south, and many tourist points such as Tateshina Highlands, Yatsugatake Mountain Foot, Shirakaba Lake, Kaoyama Plateau, Kirigamine and Mikigahara are connected.

Do you know Nagoya, 3rd largest city in Japan?
I went to a strange shrine near Nagoya and a unique temple.

A strange Momotaro shrine in Aichi Prefecture.

You know Tokyo and Osaka. But probably Nagoya is not very famous.
Nagoya is a large city between Tokyo and Osaka. Of course there is history and unique culture.
I went to a strange shrine near Nagoya and a mysterious temple on this trip.
I hope that this report is interesting to you.

This is a tourist's sanctuary! Everyone is impressed.
Oita, Kumamoto, Yamanami Highway.

Way of Laputa

If you are a Japanese rider you definitely know this road name. It is the best touring course in Japan, Yamanami Highway.
The total length of this road is long, about 58 km. This road lying in the highland areas of both Oita and Kumamoto prefectures is an important main road in terms of transportation and at the same time boasts tremendous popularity as a long and stunning road of the foremost of Kyushu.
To pass through Kyushu's plateau area is the way the scenery in Kyushu condensed. There are so many viewpoints in this route.

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