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You will be deeply impressed by the wonderful autumn leaves!
It is a stunning road along the Chikuma river, National Route 117.

Nogawa Onsen

National Route 117 connects Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture and Ojiya City in Niigata Prefecture, which is a main road totaling 127 km.Traffic is somewhat large because it is going along the Sea of Japan and being the only contact route in the area.But traffic is comfortable. Because there are few signals except urban areas, it is exhilarating like Hokkaido.This is a very rare runway for the inland route connecting urban areas.
Noteworthy is the scenery along that line. The scenery where the biggest river "Chikuma river" in Japan and rural and satoyama are scattered leaves the old Japanese landscape.There are also many old houses built over 100 years in this area. Distant view of a village where the old private house painted with red and blue is forested, the illusion appears to have slipped to the world of old tales.

The Japanese motorcycle industry started here.
I went to the Hamamatsu and Hamanako area.

Lake Hamanako

There are Milwaukee in Harley - Davidson and Bologna in Ducati. Do you know where Japan motorcycle hometown is?
It lies between Tokyo and Osaka. It is Hamamatsu and Hamanako area in Shizuoka prefecture. Here, Soichiro Honda, the founder of HONDA, was born. YAMAHA also started motorcycle manufacturing here. And SUZUKI is still here headquarters location. And although it is not a motorcycle, TOYOTA is also involved in this land.
What kind of place is Hamamatsu and Hamanako? I will report it this time.

Scenery of the most delicious rice-producing region in Japan!
Uonuma Skyline (Niigata Prefectural Highway No. 560)

Uonuma skyline

Uonuma Skyline (Niigata Prefectural Highway No. 560)is the mountain winding route with the best view in the area.The distance was 18.8 km, and in 1970 it opened in the past as a toll road. Currently it crosses the ridgeline of the Uonuma Hills in the north and south on a free road.
This road has very little traffic except for sightseeing purpose. Therefore, even in the high season there is no traffic jam, you can enjoy comfortable riding.

We went to Boso peninsula in Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo, part 2.
Inland of the Boso Peninsula has original landscape of Japan.

Hand tunneling tunnels.

Although there is a taste, please be careful as the road surface is bad.

It is the second half of motorcycle touring report of Boso Peninsula. Following the first half of the coast, this reports the inland parts of the Boso Peninsula.
In Chiba Prefecture, where the Boso Peninsula is located, there are many scenery in the countryside except for areas adjacent to Tokyo. Of course, the Boso Peninsula is so. If you use the expressway from central Tokyo, you can see the scenery of Japan's old age in about an hour.
In addition, the Boso Peninsula has a unique topography. There are many winding roads, but there is no high mountain. For that reason it is hard to be freezing cold in winter.
For these reasons, the Boso Peninsula is popular with motorcycle riders.

At the end of the blue sky is the blue Pacific Ocean!
Mie pearl road that sunlight feels dazzling.

Pearl Road

It is a fascinating road with rich ups and downs and a continuous form of the corner.

The road called Pearl Road is where you can drive a motorcycle exhilaratingly while looking down at the rias coastal area.This road is very close to the sea than National Route 167 which communicates Ise to Shima with many sightseeing spots at the shortest. Because of that, it will be a long distance away.
However, the sun reflecting on the blue sea surface shines like a pearl and it is a path along the sea with a bright atmosphere. Because the eastern side is the Pacific Ocean, it is a great area to watch the morning sun.

We crossed Yatsugatake in autumn from Nagano to Yamanashi.
Marchen Route / National Route 299

Sake brewery

It is amazing weather when I get on the clouds.

Route 299 is located in Yachiho-machi, Yamanashi Prefecture from Chino, Nagano Prefecture, and extends east-west across a popular mountain called Yatsugatake. The national highway itself continues further to the east, and the end point is connected to Saitama prefecture.
This time we report the section crossing Yatsugatake. Its beauty has been appreciated, and this road is called "Marchen Route".

Pass through the clouds high above the sky!
Zao echo line / Yamagata prefecture

Zao Echo Line

It is amazing weather when I get on the clouds.

Zao Echo Line is a 26 km road connecting the Togatta Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture and Kaminoyama Town. It opened in 1962.
This road was constructed in high mountains, so it is closed in winter. It is possible to use here from late April to early November.

However, the period during which it can be used is very wonderful. There are snow walls on both sides of the road from late April to mid May.

I was deeply moved by the landscape in Setouchi!
Road where sea breeze blows / Awaji Island of National Route 28 line.

Sunset of Awajishima

The entire west coast of the island is a sunset place.

There is a legend that Awaji Island, the largest in Seto Inland Sea, is the land that God created for the very first time. It is the island with the oldest history in Japan.
But here is "island", but now it is connected with Honshu at the longest suspension bridge "Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi Bridge" in the world, and it is popular as one of the leading tourist destinations in the Kansai area.
Here is a calm sea breeze and the blue ocean. It is Awaji Island around road that you can enjoy the Awaji Island outer circumference.
This name is not an official name but a so-called name. You may be lost if you connect multiple routes and run without confirming the route without MAP. However, it is also a relatively easy-to-understand route because the majority are along the coast.

It is a memorable highland highway of your life.
Shikoku Karst Park Line.

Kamegamori Forest Road

Dynamic mountain road which traverses the mountain range in front of Mt.

The Shikoku region of Japan is one of the best mountain countries. The view is characterized by an endlessly mountainous landscape. However, the only exception is this Shikoku Karst.
Under the wide open view there is a field of limestone stone towers. I can not think that this is the summit of the Great Mountain Range, the grassland spreads all over the mountain.
The altitude here is about 1400 meters. One trail crossing a cool paradise even in summer is this Shikoku Karst Park Line.sting things in this area.

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