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At the end of the blue sky is the blue Pacific Ocean!
Mie pearl road that sunlight feels dazzling.

Mie pearl road

The road called Pearl Road is where you can drive a motorcycle exhilaratingly while looking down at the rias coastal area.This road is very close to the sea than National Route 167 which communicates Ise to Shima with many sightseeing spots at the shortest. Because of that, it will be a long distance away.
However, the sun reflecting on the blue sea surface shines like a pearl and it is a path along the sea with a bright atmosphere. Because the eastern side is the Pacific Ocean, it is a great area to watch the morning sun.

There is a mystery in Japanese history. I went to Kofu to see the monument of strange stone.

big rock as a Buddha

I think you know too, but there are many historical relics in Japan. It is a shrine, a temple, a statue of Buddha etc. These relics have origin, and I know mostly how and how they made it.
But sometimes, there is something that no one knows at all.
I tried visiting Kofu in Yamanashi prefecture to see the mysterious relics.

Here is "Tokyo" you do not know.
I went to Okutama, a rural village in Tokyo.peninsula in summer.

Most western village of tokyo

What kind of city is Tokyo you know? Is there an urban city with plenty of buildings? Or is there a busy downtown where there are many people?
Of course it is a typical Tokyo impression.However, another environment exists in Tokyo.
I went to Okutama village at the western end of Tokyo.

There was a mystery in Aomori Prefecture!
We went to the Tsugaru peninsula in summer.

sea food japanese style

This is a report on Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture. We are SUZUKI's top model motorcycle HAYABUSA and the old top model KATANA.
We headed north from Tohoku Expressway from Tokyo. The distance to the Aomori area is about 800 kilometers, and the long high speed section is best for big motorcycle. Tohoku is comfortable even in the summer because latitude is high.

To the quiet Japanese Sea side town!
Leisurely going to Toyama bay in summer.

Toyama histric town

To the Japan Sea side of the Japanese archipelago, Toyama was a town far from Tokyo.
However, the expressway and the Shinkansen are now open, which is a very close distance.
Because it is covered with heavy snow during winter, it is difficult to go by motorcycle.
But from spring to autumn there is no problem at all.

The northernmost national highway in Japan!
Long route representing Hokkaido, National Route 238.

Sōya Hills

Route 238, aka "Okhotsk Line".
It goes from Wakkanai city which is the northernmost town of Japan to the Abashiri city on the coast of the Sea of Okhotsk via the northernmost tip of Soya Cape. The longer route in Hokkaido is this Sōya National Highway.This total distance is 319 km. Along the Sea of Okhotsk, connecting the small cities to the south, it is also the main road in the northern part of Hokkaido.
It passes through Soya Cape, so it is called the "northernmost national highway". And this is the sanctuary where riders in Japan gather.

The Izu Peninsula is the perfect touring area!
Izu Area Report / Higashi Izu Hosono Highlands.

Sea food / Kinmedai

Izu is close to the metropolitan area and is a wonderful place complete with all the seas, mountains, roads, hot springs, meals, climate.
It is difficult to inform you all to you with one report. This time we will report about "Hosono Highlands" of Higashi Izu.
Higashi Izu is the most popular among the riders in the Izu area. There are many famous tourist spots here.But we did a new discovery. I found a place that is not famous but has a wonderful view. That is called "Hosono Highlands" in Higashiizu-cho.

Beyond the pass is a historical summer resort, where it is a cool heaven.
Mt. Asama and Onioshidashi Highway


The heat of summer in Japan is severe. Especially urban areas such as Tokyo are very hot.
So I went to one of Japan's Summer resort in this tour report.
The plateau spreading at the foot of the volcano called Asama is cool and comfortable even in summer. This is a resort area where many people come from long ago.
In modern times you can easily go by bullet train from Tokyo. However, in the past it was a place to transfer a railroad and go beyond a hard pass. We will arrive in Karuizawa beyond Usui Pass from Gumma Prefecture. This Karuizawa has many villas. There are plenty of novels that made this the subject in the land which the cultural people such as novelist loved from long ago.
It is also an important land for our Japanese riders.
It is the foot of Mt. Asama that Japanese motorcycle manufacturers began racing after the Second World War.

You will be deeply impressed by the wonderful autumn leaves!
It is a stunning road along the Chikuma river, National Route 117.

Nogawa Onsen

National Route 117 connects Nagano City in Nagano Prefecture and Ojiya City in Niigata Prefecture, which is a main road totaling 127 km.Traffic is somewhat large because it is going along the Sea of Japan and being the only contact route in the area.But traffic is comfortable. Because there are few signals except urban areas, it is exhilarating like Hokkaido.This is a very rare runway for the inland route connecting urban areas.
Noteworthy is the scenery along that line. The scenery where the biggest river "Chikuma river" in Japan and rural and satoyama are scattered leaves the old Japanese landscape.There are also many old houses built over 100 years in this area. Distant view of a village where the old private house painted with red and blue is forested, the illusion appears to have slipped to the world of old tales.

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